​​​​Fish Finder Guides Scholarship

Fish Finder Guides considered as the best place to get the reliable fishing techniques and equipment for the better fishing experience. Here you can find the exclusive fishing equipment like Best fish finder and fishing backpacks as well.

About Fish Finder Scholarship

Fishfinder scholarship is for those students who have excellent writing skills and can write about the fishing industry. If you are one of those who has great knowledge about fishing techniques, then this scholarship is for you.

Students need to write 1000-1500 words article on the fishing or our given topics. You have to make sure that content must be high quality and very well written. If your content has all these qualities then you will win $1000 as your reward.

Eligibility & Requirements

All the undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for this scholarship. To participate in this scholarship program, you must have the excellent writing skills. You have to write the content out of the box so that readers can engage with the content and can also impress our experts.

Here are some of the topics that you can write:

  1. What is fish finder? Write down the various uses of fishfinder
  2. How fishing is important for today’s life
  3. Pros and Cons of GPS fishfinder
  4. How to find the fish finder for better fishing
  5. Portable fish finder – choose it or love it


You can write down on your own topic but that must be related to the fishing.

How to apply

If you want to participate this scholarship, then submit your application including name, email address, college name & ID proof along with the content at https://www.fishfinderguides.com/scholarship or you can E-mail us at [email protected]

Deadline: 01-02-2019

Result Announce: 01-03-2019


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