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July 12, 2020

How to Easily Install Your Fish Finder

Install a fishfinder

Whether you go on an expedition or go fishing for any reason, a fish finder is an excellent tool which proves to be of great help in fishing. It is the tool which provides you with a wealth of information about the depth of water, position of a fish, the surface underneath the water body and so on. However, how effectively you will be able to use it depends on the way in which you use it. More importantly, it depends on the way you install your fishfinder.

The process of installing a fish finder seems to be too easy on the surface. However, it is not as easy as it seems at the outset. If you have been seeking ways to install your fishing tool in the right way, then the steps given below will guide you through.

  1. Before using your fishfinder on your boat, make sure that it is registered. One advantage of doing so would be that the manufacturer of the tool would be able to contact you and help you in getting the tool back on track if something goes wrong.
  2. The next thing you need to do is ensure that the software of your fish finder tool is up-to-date. Install the updates as soon as you take the tool out of the box and before your first use. This will give you a break from the need to attach the machine to the mount for updating it which can be a little irritating at times. You will receive any future update at your registered email updates.
  3. Next, you need to identify a suitable spot in your boat to which you would attach the mount. You need to be a little careful in the selection of the spot as it would have a bearing on how you would use the machine. When on a boat, fix it to the helm at the right angle. As for the height, place it between your shoulder and waist so you can take a look at it and drive your boat at the same time.
  4. Hook up the wires properly to a power source so you are able to power on the device.
  5. Now that you have found a solution to the challenge of a power source, the next thing you need to do is drill a hole for the placement of the mount and wires.
  6. The entry of fluid (water) can damage your fish finding equipment, so it is important to seal the holes properly with a sealant before placing your fish finder.
  7. Now lengthen the wires as per your requirement and operate the power leads.
  8. Put the wires through a transducer and place it in the deepest part of the boat. Thereafter, install it.
  9. Hook up the wires to the system and power it on.

So, there you go – these are the steps to install your fish finder. In case you are not able to power on the machine even after following these steps, check the connection of the wires or configure the settings.

Follow the Step by Step Guide To Install FishFinder

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